Thu, 08/06/2017 - 20:00 - Mon, 16/10/2017 - 22:00 Christian Lagata · Julio Galeote · Laura San Segundo
The Shelter
The one that built his home
Lived decently
Neither giivng nor receiving commands
(The fair man) Bonald  Knight
With 3/30 Constructio we act as demiurges to create an order 3 magic-rectangle. Upon the symbl of Saturn, god of time and genius of all the artists, that allow us the structure of our universe.

A universe govern by the number 3, a number in which Aristoteles thought contributs to the perfect armony powered by Alquemy. It contains the beginning, the intermediate and the end, and as we know from the ancient Roman axiom - rinum faciunt collegium-   that teach us that three people makes a school. 

In our make up Universe we reclaim the etymology of the word 'school', original from the greek Scholé meaning time for freedom. Something which is worthly doing, time that we spend living and developing the spirit mindset.

Therefore we understand school as a dialoge room, a place to share knowledge and construct reflection and thoughts. 'Creating school' is building up a space of unsderstanding with the ability to work in total freedom. A shared-home that illustrate us. A shelter for the photographic thinking.

In 3/30 Constructio we have generated a meeting space with three artist that represents all 30 years of our school. Artist from three different generations, three different voices that face photography with similar phylosophical approaches and backgrounds. They have grown up at our school.

Palaces, castles, schools or mountain-shelters where we inhabit are constructions that teach us and determine our position in the world. Metaphores that helps us build our reality. “Our home (the school) is a whole universe “, as Gaston Bachelard said. That is the reason why in 3/30; Julio Galeote, Christian Lagata and Laura San Segundo have decided to work on the hybridation of their thesis.
This build up space in 3/30 has common elements that define the work of the three artists, that generously have deconstruct their individuality for the good of the collective play. Each photograph acts as a piece of a boundless puzzle. This is possible thanks to the affinity in their work-processes. One of the keys around their aesthetic obervation is the symbolic representation of reality. They perform with an appeaseing transparency that gives the certainty that all reality is constructed. Build up with; demolished, flooded and even wreckage material that are left aside on seashore. All material is suitabl for building up their cabin. 

Bricks, cardboards, painted papers and the photographic image as the amalgam material, that condense memory and matter.
Malraux imaginary museum warn us about the changes conducted in images since the arrival of photography, the fragmentation of the whole, the decontextualization and the forgery of scales in objects. It is the questioned reality by John Berger in his BBC program Ways of seeing; when after cutting with a knife the face of Venus by Sandro Boticelliy, Venus and Mars, in the National Gallery of London, an allegory of the victory of love, and transforming the portrait of a mysterious lady. 

The three photographers of 3/30 – Galeote, Lagata and San Segundo – question with their work the process of representation. They put together other walls, other realities and huge plasterboard sets where the indexal value of the photographic image is one of the keys in which the foundation of the house is raised.
All their  work is a magfinicent set, with sculptural characteristics. Landscapes are real, but are built in a studio, and have a still-life aspect, nature morte anyhow. These  still life images, are quiet , calm and very real, instruments to promote meditation about appearances and certainties of the reality that we construct when we think about it.
Builing a dream-refuge, a shelter to think, similar to what Alice experienced  through the glass- “ all sorts of thing happened in a moment. The candles all grew up to the ceiling, looking something like a bed of rushes with fire- works at the top. As to the bottles, they each took a pair of plates, which they hastily fitted on as wings, and so, with forks for legs, went fluttering about in all directions: ‘and very like birds they look,’ Alice thought to herself, as well as she could in the dreadful confusion that was beginning
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