Bauen. Es tiempo de Kairós

Tue, 12/01/2016 - 10:00 - Wed, 02/03/2016 - 20:00 Emilio Pemjean
Bauen. Es tiempo de Kairós

The project is a reflection on the circle of action that occurs between a man and the spatial system that conforms around, about relationships or interactions between the subject and the occupied and built space. The domestic space, the shelter, the center of the world constitutes a sounding board.
“Bauen” investigates this soundboard where the spatial structure and its inhabitants interact and transform each other, it reconstructs spaces, places of reflection, built or destroyed utopias, places that define the authors and time. Architectures (with ability to be understood as true but no longer exist or have ever existed) have been constructed from a scale model and turned into essential areas making these “codes” of living.

The shelter of the thinker (Bauen1), home to a new man (Bauen2 + 3), the worker’s home (Bauen 4), the artist’s studio built around its objects (Bauen 5), the country retreat where the dictator organizes his life and that of others (Bauen 6 + 7), the house for a couple without children (Bauen 8 + 9) are both past, present and future time; memory places where others may recognize us, play and horror, but also utopias to build and where it is possible to project to the world.

Our life is organized around essential milestones, sublime and unforgettable events that mark our time and that of others. The rest (most of our lives) are intermediate, bland, fuzzy moments in our memory, generally neglected, sometimes trivial and indifferent.
The project evaluates these intermediate times (located between two events), transitional and unstable equilibrium, in which at any moment something could happen that transforms and makes them immortal. They are invisible moments, blind to the future, anxiety, fear and tense wait for the unexpected but also of promise and hope to recover what time relegated to oblivion.


Bauen 1 Martin Heidegger’s cabin. Todtnauberg, Germany. Partially abandoned. 1922.
Bauen 2 + 3 Immeubles -Villa. Le Corbusier. No specific location, not built. 1922-1929.
Bauen 4- Houses for workers. Heinrich Tessenow. Hellerau, Germany. 1913.
Bauen 5- Tristan Tzara house studio. Adolf Loos. 15 Av. Junot, París. Renovated. 1925-1926.
Bauen 6 + 7 -Berghof  (A. Hitler). Obersalzberg, Bavarian Alps, Germany. 1924-1936. Destroyed between April and May 1945.
Bauen 8 + 9. “Housing for a couple without children.” Die Wohnung shows unserer Zeit. Deutsche exposure Bauausstellung Berlin, built and destroyed in 1931. Mies van der Rohe.

¹ Bauen, Wohnen, Denken. Martin Heidegger.

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